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What Is Offered

Couple Psychotherapy in depth

Couple Psychotherapy explores relationships at greater depth than many other forms of counselling or other therapy. It is based on the insights drawn from psychoanalysis and aims to understand the difficulties couples sometimes face, with a view to establishing a long lasting change in the relationship.

Co- Parents

Co- Parents - this usually helps couples who have already separated, or indeed my never have been 'together' in any formal sense as a couple. Examples may be divorced parents, guardians or couples who have experienced assisted conception, this applies frequently with same sex couples.

Blended families

Blended families - offering support for the problems and conflicts of loyalty that can arise in combined or reconstituted families following new relationships or remarriage.


How does it work?

At the outset an initial consultation will be arranged where your situation and needs can be thought about and assessed. This assessment is designed to determine whether this type of psychotherapy is appropriate for you. There is no commitment for to continue beyond the initial assessment. The consultation will be chargeable.

How often are sessions?

If after your initial assessment it is agreed to continue consultations, the next step is to discuss when and how often sessions should be held. Typically couples benefit from weekly sessions which take place at a regular time, with an open ended agreement, but occasionally a fixed number of sessions is agreed. Couple sessions last for one hour.