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Blended families and co-parenting

In blended or reconstituted families and other shared parenting situations there are many hurdles to deal with; psychotherapy or counselling offers help and support to deal with your particular circumstances and all those affected.

You may be struggling to deal with new relationships following re-marriage or divorce, or with situations surrounding ex partners and shared parenting. Or you might be considering the step towards separation and are filled with anxiety about how co-parenting will work. Relationship problems can be traumatic for the individuals directly involved, but the knock-on effect can be devastating for children and grandparents alike.

Psychotherapy or counselling offers a constructive, calm environment to discuss issues, consider those affected and work towards the best possible solution for all concerned.

You may benefit from psychotherapy if you are facing problems and are a parent or co-parent in one of these situations:

  • divorced or separated
  • remarried, or in a new or reformed relationship
  • step-family, either as the biological or step parent
  • adopted or fostered children
  • unplanned pregnancy or following a short-term relationship
  • guardian, where either one or both parents have died
  • conception-only relationship, particularly for same sex couples
  • access disputes involving parents or grandparents

Arrange an initial consultation to discuss your particular situation.

How much will it cost?

Fees are negotiated at your initial assessment and under certain circumstances can be varied according to your means, in order to allow as many people as possible access to psychotherapy services. An indicative cost for the initial assessment is £80.

Is it for me?

People use psychotherapy services for many reasons and from a variety of backgrounds. You may be part of a couple who are arguing more and more, where communication has broken down or who are contemplating separation or divorce.