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Therapy services for couples

For couples who find they argue or have difficulty communicating, psychotherapy or counselling offers a calm, neutral space to analyse and deal with any issues causing problems. This applies equally to all couples, whether they are heterosexual, same sex or mixed race.

Difficulties can arise following a milestone in your life, such as the arrival of a new child, facing recent unemployment or moving house. They may be related to the affect of friends, family or colleagues on your relationship, or they may reflect a gradual change in each of you. Religious or cultural differences can also play a role.

It can happen at any stage, from a newly formed relationship to a marriage of many years, and to people from all walks of life. The results can range from a lack of intimacy or sexual problems to conflicts, arguments and maybe even violence.

The experience can be isolating and frightening if you feel unable to talk to family or friends for help. You may have already tried counselling without success. Unlike counselling, psychotherapy analyses and addresses the root causes of problems.

Professional psychotherapy offers a safe and unbiased environment. During sessions, the psychotherapist guides each person to talk about the issues in their life. Analysing and dealing with the cause of problems allows couples to work towards a more stable, understanding and loving relationship.

Arrange an initial consultation to see whether psychotherapy will benefit you.

Is it too late for my relationship?

Many people are able to improve their relations following analytical psychotherapy, however some decide that it is time for the relationship to come to an end. Whatever the outcome, psychotherapy sessions offer support and assistance through the entire journey and help you arrive at the best possible conclusion.

What if my partner is unwilling to participate?

It's possible to see one person on their own but it is much better to discuss relationship problems if both are present, so do try to encourage your partner to attend.